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What is your pain costing you?, Chronic Pain cost Americans up to $635 billion a year

  Chronic pain is costing Americans as much as $635 billion each year, according to a new study out of John Hopkins.  This includes medical costs and lost work time. This averages out to more then $2,000 a year to each American including infants and children.   The study, published in the Journal of Pain, found […]

Whiplash – Mostly soft tissue injuries, see what happens

Whiplash injuries are common with auto accidents and other injuries (i.e. horseback riding incidents).  Most of the time what is injured is soft tissue.  This is not seen on X-rays but the injuries are still there and can be devastating. Click below to see how this can occur. If you would like more information about […]

Chiropractic Care Beats Medication for Neck Pain, Makes Headlines

New research published this month in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) and exercise more effective at relieving neck pain than pain medication. The study divided participants into three groups that received either SMT from a doctor of chiropractic, pain medication (over-the-counter pain relievers, narcotics and muscle relaxants) or exercise recommendations. […]