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Category: Health Tips

Nutritional Importance With Your Treatment and Your overall Health

October 29, 2012
Health Tips

     “You are what you eat” could not be more true as diet and nutrition provide the fuel that our body utilizes to function and maintain health every single day.   Improper diet and nutrition deprives us of the fuels necessary to maintain health. Eventually, this leads to decreased function and performance of the […]

How to Ward off the Flu Naturally

October 17, 2012
Health Tips

As cold and flu season approaches many people are standing in line for their flu shots. Besides containing mercury which is a known toxin, flu shots are proven to be highly ineffective. There are many things you can do to help protect yourself against the flu naturally. Our immune system can be very effective at […]

Planks with hip extension: a great back pain prevention exercise

October 4, 2012
Health Tips

Planks place a strong emphasis on the core muscles. The core muscles  consist of the back musculature, abdominal muscles, and hip musculature. The core is the foundation of the body. IF core stability, is not adequate, back pain can develop. Planks with hip extension make the exercise more challenging   Challenging is a good thing.  The other major […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Chiropractic Care

September 24, 2012
Health Tips

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) occurs when the median nerve in the wrist becomes irritated. The median nerve controls sensation to the thumb and first 3 fingers as well as controls some of the small muscles in the hand. The carpal tunnel is an area in the wrist where tendons and the median nerve pass from […]

Foam Rolling – Self Myofascial Massage

September 21, 2012
Health Tips

Normal Stretching is not always the answer to tight muscles.  You can have a muscle that is tight but lengthened.  The upper back has this a lot, where the muscle between the shoulders are stretched but tight.  Traditional stretching cause increases in muscle length and not all tight tissue needs lengthened and stretching it can actually […]