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Low Back Pain: Research showing benefit for continued chiropractic care

August 11, 2011
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In the following abstract from a renowned peer reviewed medical journal, it shows benefit in pain level with continued chiropractic care.
The frequency of continued chiropractic care can be different for different people and we work to help lengthen the time with home exercises and advise.
We do strongly suggest continued care with our patients. Ultimately this is the patient’s choice and we gladly see patients for flair ups. With continued care, patients show less pain, less flair ups or re-aggravations and less time to return back to normal with any aggravations.
Please, email us or visit our website @ for more information.

An Adjustment In Your Golf Game

August 10, 2011
Health Tips

Chiropractic care is standard for many pro golfers and increasingly for many Senior Golfers as well. Professional golfer Lori West attributes the reason she’s playing today to chiropractic. Nearly two decades ago, she began visiting a chiropractor for pain in her shoulders and neck. According to West, the care has infinitely improved her golf game. […]

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

July 25, 2011
Health tips

The American Pregnancy Association recommends chiropractic care during pregnancy. Please visit their website for more information or please contact me if you have any questions on pregnancy and chiropractic.

Headaches & Migraine: Chiropractic vs. Medication

July 22, 2011
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from Headaches & Migraine: Chiropractic vs. Medication Effectiveness & Safety In randomized clinical trials, chiropractic was 57% more effective in the reduction of headaches and migraines than drug therapy By Mark Studin DC, FASBE(C), DAPM, DAAMLP It was reported in October of 2010 by Wrong Diagnosis that approximately 1 in 6,16.54% or 45 million […]