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Providing help and relief for neck painback painheadaches, sciatica, disc herniation, leg pain, arm pain, joint pain, pregnancy related back pain, children’s health problems, and more.   Evidence-based treatments of spinal manipulation, rehab, physiotherapies, and nutrition to let our Chiropractors get the best results for you!

  Most insurance plans Accepted!

*If you have any questions related to your insurance benefits please call the office at (610) 841-2204 and we will gladly verify your benefits for you.

What Makes Complete Chiropractic different?

  At Complete Chiropractic:

  • We Take our time. Average 45-60 minutes for exam.

  • Average 15 minutes of doctor time for subsequent visits with chiropractor.

  • Have Male and Female Chiropractor for your convenience.

  • Give Patient specific treatment plans.  No long treatment plans.  Normal treatment plan is 6-7 visits and then a re-evaluation to assess improvement.

  • Refer to other providers if needed to make sure you get the best care possible.

  • Have Multiple types of therapy and treatment options: Multiple types of comfortable effective adjustments, Electric Stimulation, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Muscle work/Myofascial work/Stretching, Kinesiotaping, Rehab exercises, and Ergonomic and Posture training and advice.