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Chiropractic Research study – Lumbar disc herniations both chronic and acute 88% improved still after 1 year.

At 3 months, 90.5% of patients were “improved” with 88.0% “improved” at 1 year. Although acute patients improved faster by 3 months, 81.8% of chronic patients reported “improvement” with 89.2% “improved” at 1 year.

Outcomes of Acute and Chronic Patients With Magnetic Resonance Imaging–Confirmed Symptomatic Lumbar Disc Herniations Receiving High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude, Spinal Manipulative Therapy: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study With One-Year Follow-Up
NRS is a rating scale 0 being no pain, 10 being excruciating pain.  On Ave started at a 5.6 and ended with a 1.4.  5.6 is moderate pain.  1.4 would be minimal pain.


Table 2. Baseline and Outcome Data for All Patients at the Various Time Points
Baseline Data (148 pts)2 Wks (123 pts)1 Mo (142 pts)3 Mos (137 pts)6 Mos (142 pts)1 Y (148 pts)
PGIC69.9%, Much better or better79.6%, Much better or better90.5%, Much better or better88.7%, Much better or better88.0%, Much better or better
1.6%, Slightly worse1.4%, Slightly worse2.1%, Slightly worse or worse2.8%, Slightly worse2.8%, Worse
NRS back (mean)5.67 (2.98)2.94a (2.28)2.12a (1.80)1.67a (1.71)1.50a (1.78)1.42a (1.73)
Change (SD)2.73 (3.00)3.59 (2.83)4.07 (2.98)4.28 (3.14)4.35 (3.28)
NRS leg (mean [SD])5.68 (3.12)3.00a (2.50)2.08a (2.16)0.91a (1.48)0.94a (1.58)0.91a (1.67)
Change (SD)2.68 (2.93)3.20 (2.87)4.50 (3.23)4.51 (3.23)4.87 (3.47)
Oswestry (mean [SD])18.75 (10.24)12.86a (6.63)10.13a (6.73)6.19a (5.08)5.25a (5.54)4.82a (5.12)
Change (SD)5.82 (8.87)8.29 (9.26)12.23 (10.76)13.53 (11.69)13.92 (11.83)


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