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Help Fix Healthcare and the budget: Help fix the cost of Obesity

If you want to fix healthcare and help the budget, Move (exercise) and make better eating decisions.

Your health is your responsibility.  If you are overweight, be happy with who you are, but don’t be content with your health.  Be more concerned with leading a healthier lifestyle, then losing weight.  Leading a healthier lifestyle will help you feel better overall and will lead to weight loss.

Little changes make a big difference. so go for a walk at night, or try a piece of fruit and nuts, instead of potato chips. Drink water, instead of soda.  Going gung-ho from the beginning often leads to becoming overwhelmed and stopping.

Include wanting to have a healthier body with being happy with yourself.

“According to The Campaign to End Obesity, the financial costs are significant: $44.7 billion going to hospital inpatient services and roughly as much in outpatient treatments. The whopper though is the nearly $70 billion spent each year in pharmaceuticals to treat obesity-related illnesses. The Campaign estimates that throughout the U.S. (and about ten percent of Canada), the medical costs, including disability and mortality, costs taxpayers some $300 billion per year.