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3D Spine: Spinal Restrictions and the problems they can cause

Spinal Subluxations/Joint Restrictions/Joint Dysfunctions can effect the nerves (neurons for the medical community) that directly come out of the spine. An irritation to those nerves by way of inflammation or by lack of movement signals going in can cause those nerves to fire differently.

Those nerves fire to tell the body to do virtually everything; from telling your finger to move to telling your stomach to make more enzymes to increasing your heart rate.

Often times people will just fill a ‘pinched nerve’ feeling, but there are times even though they can not notice it that that irritation to the nerve is effecting your body’s other systems.

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This by no means, that an adjustment can fix every disease.  There are multiple reasons why a disease occurs.  This just shows the power of getting the nervous system working effectively.