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Are Your Handbags Hurting You?

I know many of you will forsake comfort for fashion.   Whether it’s those 5 inch heels, the tight dress that looks so good on, or the over- sized handbags many of you carry.   However, if that fashion statement can lead to long term back problems you may think differently.

Many women’s handbags weigh between 7-10 pounds nowadays, with many weighing even more than that.  Carrying excessive
weight, especially on one shoulder, can cause back and neck pain and tightness, and can even be a culprit of headaches.  This can lead to more serious issues like arthritis if the woman continues to carry heavy loads.

Carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder throws off your posture.  Muscles on one side of your body are firing more than the other side and often you will not be standing up straight.  Poor posture will cause excess stress and improper biomechanics of the spine, which can lead to chronic muscle tightness and pain.  Poor posture also has consequences on spinal discs and your overall nervous system function.  If you carry
the purse in your hand instead of on your shoulder, you may end of with wrist, hand or arm pain due to carrying the heavy load, as well as back pain.

It is recommended that your handbag should not exceed 1-2 pounds.  Try getting a smaller, yet still fashionable purse or wristlet, which will force you to trim down the things you carry with you.  If you need to carry extra stuff with you, such as gym clothes/shoes, school books, etc. pack them in a different bag, so you aren’t carrying that weight around all day.  Also, try to carry the purse on both shoulders evenly, instead of always carrying it on one side.  Crossing the strap across your body will also help distribute the weight more evenly.

Chiropractic care is a natural approach to help alleviate some of the pain and posture issues associated with carrying heavy handbags.  For more information on how chiropractic can help prevent or alleviate these problems please contact Dr. Lindsey Zerdecki at (610) 841-2204 or visit
Dr. Lindsey Zerdecki is a chiropractor at Complete Chiropractic, located at 5930 Hamilton Blvd. in Allentown.  She specializes in treating
children and pregnant women; however she sees a wide variety of patients.

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