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Help make sure your right to chiropractic care is maintained

ChiroVoice is an organization which advocates for chiropractic care.  It is a dedicated group of supporters who help to educate policymakers about the importance and benefits of chiropractic care.  They help to positively impact any legislative efforts (including the new Health Care Reform Act) to reform the current health care system.

Although the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has been signed into law, there are still a lot of policies that need to be made.  It is safe to say health care reform is far from over.  With your help, patients can get the chiropractic care they need and deserve.

During 2009, ChiroVoice had more than 50,000 members and  these individuals sent more than 100,o00 pro-chiropractic messages to congress. 

Your involvement makes a tremendous difference.
Each active member of the chiropractic advocacy network brings us one step closer to our goal of assuring full-scope access to chiropractic services. Chiropractic patients and supporters who are interested in serving as advocates may sign-up to receive special e-mail alerts about advocacy issues and important legislation. Network members will also receive a monthly e-newsletter.

Please help us spread the word about chiropractic.  It’s easy to join.

Go to  All it takes is a few mouse clicks and you can help improve our nation’s health care system.  You will receive a monthly wellness newsletter as well as periodic alerts where you will have the opportunity to contact your legislators in Washington.  Become proactive and give a voice to chiropractic concerns.