5930 Hamilton Blvd # 8
Allentown, PA 18106

YMCA Senior Fitness Day/Posture Screenings

Join us on Wednesday May 26 from 9 am -2pm, at the YMCA in allentown for senior fitness day. 

We will be doing posture screeings.

There will also be blood pressure screeings, free manicures, free mini massages, and aerobics class and more!

Why is your posture important?

Posture is important in your spinal health.  Poor posture can cause excess stress on the disc and ligaments of your back.  Correct posture will allow your body to work most efficiently without straining your muscles or ligaments. Posture also affects breathing and internal organ function.  If your body is asymmetrical, some areas have to work more than others in order for you to maintain an upright position. Habitual, prolonged, unequal alignment results in more wear and tear on your body as you age.

Chiropractic care along with rehabilitative exercises can help improve your posture and keep you living a healthy and active life!